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Excessive and frequent evacuation of watery feces.

[Middle English diaria, from Medieval Latin, from Late Latin diarrhoea, from Greek diarroia, from diarrein, to flow through : dia-, dia- + rhein, to flow, run; see sreu- in Indo-European roots.]

di′ar·rhe′al, di′ar·rhe′ic (-ĭk), di′ar·rhet′ic (-rĕt′ĭk) adj.


or di•ar•rhoe•a

(ˌdaɪ əˈri ə)

an intestinal disorder characterized by frequent and fluid fecal evacuations.
[1350–1400; Middle English diaria < Late Latin diarrhoea < Greek diárrhoia a flowing through]
di`ar•rhe′al, di`ar•rhe′ic, di`ar•rhet′ic (-ˈrɛt ɪk) adj.


“Watery stools” can be caused by any condition that causes food residue to be rushed through the large intestine too quickly to allow water absorption. This may be due to bacterial irritation of the canal.
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Noun1.diarrhea - frequent and watery bowel movements; can be a symptom of infection or food poisoning or colitis or a gastrointestinal tumor
dysentery - an infection of the intestines marked by severe diarrhea
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
the shits, the trots - obscene terms for diarrhea
Montezuma's revenge - diarrhea contracted in Mexico or Central America
bệnh tiêu chảy


(daiəˈriə) (American) diarrhea noun
too much liquid in and too frequent emptying of the bowels. He has diarrhoea.


إِسْهَال průjem diaré Durchfall διάρροια diarrea ripuli diarrhée proljev diarrea 下痢 설사 diarree diaré biegunka diarreia понос diarré อาการท้องร่วง ishal bệnh tiêu chảy 腹泻


n. diarrea;
acute ______ severa;
___ infantile___ infantil;
___ of the newborn___ epidémica del recién nacido;
dysenteric ______ disentérica;
emotional ______ emocional;
lienteric ______ lientérica;
mucous ______ mucosa;
nervous ______ nerviosa;
pancreatic ______ pancreática;
purulent ______ purulenta;
summer ______ estival o de verano;
travelers' ______ del viajero. V. cuadro en la página 97.


n diarrea; traveler’s — diarrea del viajero
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