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Noun1.deliberative assembly - an assembly of people for the purpose of unhurried consideration and discussion
assembly - a group of persons who are gathered together for a common purpose
General Assembly - the supreme deliberative assembly of the United Nations
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Miss Ophelia took Topsy home to Vermont with her, much to the surprise of the grave deliberative body whom a New Englander recognizes under the term "Our folks.
O-Tar has said that it is the finest deliberative body upon Barsoom--much more intelligent than that composed of the living jeds.
To guide the action of a deliberative body to a desirable
But we have also ceased to be an independent, genuinely deliberative body since members are kowtowed into being a rubber- stamp for the administration in declaring and extending martial law, and passing of the death penalty and the [call for] constituent assembly [to amend the Charter],' Baguilat added.
However, Senator Grahams call for a Gang of 60 also spoke to a larger truth about the Senates identity as the worlds greatest deliberative body.
Around 290,000 facilities including clinics and hospitals with a small number of beds will be subject to safety inspections, the deliberative body said.
Alam naman ng mga Kongresista na (Our lawmakers know that) in addition to being a deliberative body, consensual po iyang Kongreso.
A Con-con would allow for a more diverse, deliberative body that will have a better chance to take a longer-term, more inclusive perspective to produce a constitution to which unborn generations of Filipinos will be subject.
Attorney Mallari should know very well that the Supreme Court is a collegial and deliberative body which adjudicates en banc or in division," Sereno stressed.
It worth mentioning that the Standing Commission of the Red Cross and Red Crescent is the permanent statutory body of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the highest deliberative body of the Movement between the meetings of the Council of Delegates and the International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.
The Senate is supposed to be our great deliberative body.
It's no longer a deliberative body if the definition of that term is a place where big issues are argued and debated and the chips are allowed to fall where they may.