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v. t.1.To strip off the bark; to peel.
[imp. & p. p. Delibrated; p. pr. & vb. n. Delibrating.]
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Such an addition to the existing 850,000 teachers within a budget year is quite significant and seems to indicate a delibrate effort by the government to confront the problem of voluntry turnovers in the Nigerian education system.
The speakers would delibrate on the current national governance scenario, analysis of the root causes of bad governance, writ of the state, provincial, institutional and policy reforms, emerging influences and advising practitioners' path forward.
The Conference aims to delibrate on the challenges and pre ocupations of Africa , with emphasis on the role of its political parties in the fulfillments of desired objectives through creating a new political space with relevant mechanism to that effect .
I READ your front page headline "CAN YOU SPOT THE DELIBRATE MISTAKE" (June 4) drawing attention to literacy levels in Cardiff after purchasing your Saturday edition on my way to Roath Park.
Liberated Quneitra, (SANA) -- Comoros Parliament Speaker Burhan Hamid condemned Israel's delibrate barbaric destruction of Quneitra, expressing his shock at its practices to distort its human, cultural and religious features.
Owen's delibrate header found the feet of Fulham defender Andy Melville on the line, but the ball rolled back out to him, and the England man requires no further invitation.
Stories of committeemen breaking confidentiality, stories of delibrate leaks to newspapers and, worst of all, old cricketers unhappy at the way the great game is deteriorating.