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n.1.The act of stripping off the bark.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The visit of the UNDP delegation comes for continuation of delibration on the idea of implementing the project of solar power pumps which targets the small farmers and areas that did not have access to electricity for their agricultural projects.
Getting to zero the biomedical way in Africa: outcomes of delibration at the 2013 Biomedical HIV prevention forum in Abuja, Nigeria.
| delibration (g) beneficial] benefic<i>al (h) first] B1, B2 | [begin strikethrough]First[end strikethrough] <1.> B3 (i) not all] em.
The camp staff, after some delibration, decides to cancel the day's session with the Suspects, as they're unwilling to take the chance that any incident might have negative repercussions for the drama program.
After detailing the legislative contours of OMB's new powers, including the scant record of Congress's delibration over them, this Article analyzes their potential impact--both on the legal regimes affecting regulatory decision-making and, perhaps more fundamentally, on the institution of independent scientific research itself.
Rather, their task will be to provide some structure for public discourse that transforms, and does not simply transmit, moral reflection and civic delibration on the ends of health care in our communities.
The chairman of the organizational sector of the NC Abdul-Wahid Yousif denied relations of the expected meeting of th President of the Republic with on going delibration at the national assembly on the assignment of the states Wali (governors), referring to the NC party need for rearrangement of the party's priorities.
The chairman of sovereign sector for the delibration on the President's address to the opening session of the assembly, Dr.
They made delibrations with regard to the cleaning arrangements at and around the places of Majalis and mourning processions.
In this era, the emphasis is on regulation and this is the period when serious delibrations took place and the current body that regulates higher education in the country i.e.
ISLAMABAD:An organization working for women empowerment through entrepreneurship,iCube, organised delibrations titled #HackThePad: Women Health and Hygiene Conference" at the Pakistan Institute of Parliamentarian Services (PIPS) and called upon political parties to include women health and hygiene into their manifestos while adding thatgender equality along with the rights for maternal and reproductive health were absolutely fundamental for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.
Apart from holding sessions of delibrations, BDF has also been publishing reports of seminar and conferences for wider undersanding of masses.