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a.1.Capable of being, or liable to be, delineated.
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However, when Seyla Benhabib argues that "any view of cultures as clearly delineable wholes is a view from the outside that generates coherence for the purposes of understanding and control" (5), she points to a level of reasoning on which it may not be appropriate simply to refer to the shortcomings of essentialist discourse.
The HIS in the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) in Zimbabwe, which in 2004 was given an award for being the best in Southern Africa (MOHCW, 2009), is a stabilized institution with a delineable legacy traceable to the early days of the nation's independence gained in 1980 (Sanders, 1990).
In "The psychological structure of fascism," Bataille transferred this dichotomy into a more sophisticated dialectic between homogeneous and heterogeneous forms of existence, where "homogeneity" signifies the commensurability of elements and the awareness of this commensurability: human relations are reduced to fixed rules based on the consciousness of the possible identity of delineable persons and situations.
Sin embargo, a pesar de que las miradas son multiples, existe un eje delineable que recorre las paginas y es el empeno de esta generacion de historiadores por ofrecernos nuevas lecturas del pasado, que tienen en comun dos elementos: senalar la presencia de lo indigena en lo mestizo y en lo institucional, como tambien su espejo inverso para la escala regional, donde lo etnico tiene improntas de aculturacion europea, que han sido y son continuamente refuncionalizadas como parte de procesos de actualizacion de la identidad.
Far from this morning's breakfast, the human figure within anthropomorphises the king of beasts, adding a delineable dimension of human psychology and setting up an additional tension of gender--male/female--and species--animal/human--that enriches the piece mysteriously.