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tr.v. de·lin·e·at·ed, de·lin·e·at·ing, de·lin·e·ates
a. To draw or depict: "In black and white wash, he delineated the gnarled roots of a tree" (Sally Holmes Holtze).
b. To describe or characterize in words: "the specter of the bored and isolated housewife, which Friedan delineated so brilliantly" (Mary V. Dearborn).
a. To mark, form, or show the outline or border of: The police delineated the crime scene with yellow tape. A hedge delineates one plot of land from the other.
b. To establish the position of (a border): The treaty delineates the border between Spanish and American territory.
c. To show or contain a distinguishing characteristic of; distinguish: "The first game ... delineated the differences between the two teams" (Stuart Miller).

[Latin dēlīneāre, dēlīneāt- : dē-, de- + līnea, line, thread; see line1.]

de·lin′e·a′tion n.
de·lin′e·a′tive adj.
de·lin′e·a′tor n.
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(Knitting & Sewing) a tailor's pattern, adjustable for different sizes
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The clear delineator that has separated and dictated the lives of these Palestinians is the colour-coded identification system issued by the Israeli military and reinforced in 1981 through its Civil Administration branch.
Frank Baum originally published in the periodical, the Delineator. Beautifully illustrated with primary color-prairie images of the buffalo, "The Enchanted Buffalo" tells the tale of a greedy buffalo usurper bull named Barrag who takes control of a leaderless tribe of mighty buffalo.
The manufacturer says its product is the for use in active work zones to help control the dirt or debris that may enter the runway or taxiway from the construction site It can also accommodate fencing, lights, and delineator or sign posts.
Delineator is designed in such a way that, by passing all the required tests, it has proven that it cannot be broken by collision or attempt at breaking or by blocking, it can withstand collision even of heavy vehicles, and has been certified with DOS 12 certificate of durability, which proves its durability to vehicle collision of 30,000 lbs, at a speed of 50 miles per hour.
Julie Berebitsky's essay on the Delineator's 1907-1911 "Child Rescue Campaign" argues that adoption matters because it illuminates who could (and could not) legitimately claim "mother consciousness," a crucial resource during the Progressive era, when maternalism was the chief vehicle for women's public mobilization.
The effect is not so different from that of Serra's 1974-75 Delineator, with its rectangular plate of steel fixed onto the ceiling and forming a cross in space with the plate of the same dimension lying on the ground.
Here no eucalyptus trees serve to provide the final delineator, but instead a shallow pond (the suggestion of Garret Eckbo), located centrally against the back wall.
Willsie from 1914 to 1919 edited the <IR> DELINEATOR </IR> .