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 (dē′lē-əs, dēl′yəs), Frederick 1862-1934.
British composer whose work, influenced by Edvard Grieg, combines romanticism and impressionism.


(Biography) Frederick. 1862–1934, English composer, who drew inspiration from folk tunes and the sounds of nature. His works include the opera A Village Romeo and Juliet (1901), A Mass of Life (1905), and the orchestral variations Brigg Fair (1907)


(ˈdi li əs, ˈdil yəs)

Frederick, 1862–1934, English composer.
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Noun1.Delius - English composer of orchestral works (1862-1934)
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There is a reason why Bach's Mass should be admitted to this distinction: not only is it about the same length as the Delius, but its closing section, the 'Dona nobis pacem', recapitulates note for note the 'Gratias agimus tibi' section of the Gloria.
TEENAGE yobs have been driven from a vandal-hit station by the classical music of Frederick Delius.
1800' and 'Stockton March 1800' with the pseudonymous signature 'Delius', and this information helps one to establish authorship and assign the serial and the pseudonym to the Revd John Brewster (1753-1842), curate of Stockton-upon-Tees (1776-91), vicar (1791-1805), and its historian, as well as author of many books.(2)
It set his memory spinning with model railways in the garden, sandcastles on the beach, rabbits on the common, lemonade at the corner shop, the band in the park, the cricket, the river, Sunday walks, picnics, blackberrying, mushrooming, Delius, Debussy, always with a girl there or in his mind, it seemed now to have made no difference which.
A value transfer theory was proposed by Fersen, Wynne, Delius, & Staddon (1991) to account for a remarkable result they had obtained in an experiment with pigeons.
The event kicks off with Slaithwaite Brass Band and finishes on Sunday afternoon with a rare screening of Ken Russell's 'Song of Summer' about Bradford's famous Frederick Delius.
Priestley and composer Frederick Delius were all born in which English city?
Six are claimed to be premiere recordings: not surprising for new music but it is when the composers are John Ireland (Bagatelle) and Frederick Delius.
BORN in England, studying in Germany and playing his first gigs in Mexico, reedsman Tobias Delius eventually settled in the Netherlands, where he's been living since 1984.
Also on the programme is Frederick Delius's symphonic poem, On The Mountains.
And secondly, she's playing Delius, the composer she's championed since she started performing professionally in the 1980s.