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 (dē′lŏs′, dĕl′ōs)
A small island of the Cyclades Islands in southeast Greece. It was traditionally considered sacred to Apollo.


(Placename) a Greek island in the SW Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades: a commercial centre in ancient times; the legendary birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Area: about 5 sq km (2 sq miles). Modern Greek name: Dhílos


(ˈdi lɒs, ˈdɛl oʊs)

a Greek island in the Cyclades, in the SW Aegean: legendary birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.
References in classic literature ?
I can only compare you to a young palm tree which I saw when I was at Delos growing near the altar of Apollo--for I was there, too, with much people after me, when I was on that journey which has been the source of all my troubles.
Finally the contest, in which the two poets contended with hymns to Apollo (4), was transferred to Delos.
Has the ship come from Delos, on the arrival of which I am to die?
As when by night the Glass Of GALILEO, less assur'd, observes Imagind Lands and Regions in the Moon: Or Pilot from amidst the CYCLADES DELOS or SAMOS first appeering kenns A cloudy spot.
The police have yet to determine what led to Delos Reyes' death at press time.
Shettle joined Lightyear Delos Acquisition Corporation, the holding company for Delos Insurance Group, in November 2007 as a member of the Board of Directors.
Steiner has been a part of our company since its founding and has devoted enormous time and energy to Delos," stated Bill Davis, the Chief Executive Officer of Delos.
In the reply affidavit submitted by Saldy and Lorenza Delos Santos through the Public Attorney's Office (PAO) said the DOJ investigating panel should reject the defense of the 12 policemen who maintained in their counter-affidavits that they are not part of the implied conspiracy to kill Delos Santos.
Delos Insurance also announced that Naxos Insurance Company has received approval to write E&S business in 10 states, including Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, Indiana, Alabama, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.
The second gunman alighted from his motorcycle and shot Delos Santos again.
According to Delos, the rate and form flexibility of the E&S business will allow a more creative and responsive approach to the overall market and will assist in the success of managing their general agents.
It is very important to mention the three other minors because this proves that Kian Delos Santos is the fourth minor involved in 'Oplan Galugad' during that day and his death is an isolated case.