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 (dĕl′fĭk) also Del·phi·an (-fē-ən)
1. Greek Mythology Of or relating to Delphi or to the oracle of Apollo at Delphi.
2. Obscurely prophetic; oracular: made a great deal of Delphic pronouncements.

Del′phi·cal·ly adv.
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(ˈdɛl fi ən)

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Adj.1.Delphian - of or relating to Delphi or to the oracles of Apollo at Delphi; "Delphic oracle"
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These were the prime in order and in might; The rest were long to tell, though far renown'd, Th' IONIAN Gods, of JAVANS Issue held Gods, yet confest later then Heav'n and Earth Thir boasted Parents; TITAN Heav'ns first born With his enormous brood, and birthright seis'd By younger SATURN, he from mightier JOVE His own and RHEA'S Son like measure found; So JOVE usurping reign'd: these first in CREET And IDA known, thence on the Snowy top Of cold OLYMPUS rul'd the middle Air Thir highest Heav'n; or on the DELPHIAN Cliff, Or in DODONA, and through all the bounds Of DORIC Land; or who with SATURN old Fled over ADRIA to th' HESPERIAN Fields, And ore the CELTIC roam'd the utmost Isles.
He that is grounded in astrology, Enrich'd with tongues, well seen in minerals, Hath all the principles magic doth require: Then doubt not, Faustus, but to be renowm'd, And more frequented for this mystery Than heretofore the Delphian oracle.
The Delphians, enraged at this treatment, accused him of impiety, and, in spite of his sacred character as ambassador, executed him as a public criminal.
24.6) saw near the tomb of Neoptolemus `a stone of no great size', which the Delphians anointed every day with oil, and which he says was supposed to be the stone given to Cronos.
Press Club of Long Island recognized Adelphi University's "The Delphian" as well as students, an advisor and alumni at a recent journalism awards dinner at the Woodbury County Club.
Charcoal nanoparticles have also been reported to be used for Delphian lymph node tracking in thyroid surgery.
A Delphian lymph node excision done at the same time revealed similar involvement by mantle cell lymphoma (Figures 2 and 3).
In the Class 4A boys tournament at Oregon State, North Bend's Jacob Gage finished in fourth place, falling to Delphian's Kevin Yan, 6-3, 6-2 in the third-place match.
Recipients of the 2017 Presidential Volunteer Service Awards included Bob and Irina Kaye of California; Emma Ashton of Florida; the Washington DC Youth for Human Rights Chapter; the Delphian School Youth for Human Rights Chapter, of Oregon; and actor Marisol Nichols, of California.
Special attention should be given to involvement of the pre-laryngeal (Delphian) lymph node in DTC, which is often associated with ETE and increased incidence of central and lateral neck lymph node metastases.
Jenna is a rebel, toiling in the depth of the Delphian mines while trying to keep a mysterious mark on her neck hidden.