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A rich, reduced brown sauce usually seasoned with wine and used as a base for other sauces.

[French : demi-, demi- (from demi, half, from Old French; see demi-) + glace, glaze, heavily reduced sauce (from Old French, ice; see glacier).]
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Main courses include "Lamb Foie Gras Meatballs" with horseradish, scallions, baby sweet cornichons and crispy shallots, and a "Filet Mignon Churrasco" in a chimichurri demi glace, accompanied by heirloom tomato escabeche and a yuca pastel.
The dish was accompanied by new potatoes tossed in parsley and butter and a demi glace sauce (brown gravy).
The chefs are asked to use Welsh or local ingredients and they can peel but not chop, and must prepare a demi glace.
99) was an absolute lunker, a delicious 12 thick ounces topped with caramelized onions and sizable specks of goat cheese under a demi glace.
Colette chose a nice twist on bangers and mash ($12) that encases housemade lamb and tenderloin sausage in a crispy spring-roll-like Thai wrap, pairs up with excellent mashed potatoes and finishes the treat in a swoony demi glace.
We started with mashed "neeps" piped onto hand-carved willow forks topped with haggis and demi glace.
Other ingredients include: Italian style tomato pizza sauce, sweet chilli dipping sauce; caramelised red onion chutney; pre-fried sliced onions; tomato salsa; burger cheese slices; demi glace sauce; and wafer thin roast beef.
Yoder, 2006 Nightingale Recipient, gave the Invocation prior to the dinner of Petite Fillet and Sauteed Breast of Chicken with Mushroom Demi Glace.
Among its nine selections, we were also sorely tempted by the pan-fried veal sweetbreads with grits, onions and bacon mustard demi glace ($9.
Add the demi glace to the cooking liquor remaining in the casserole and boil to reduce to a sauce consistency.
In June, Delaware Park's At the Rail Wine Bar & Grille was named an editor's choice by Delaware Today Magazine for "Best Beef," when reviewers wrote, "The dry-aged New York strip at At the Rail Wine Bar & Grille is a thing of beauty--perfectly aged beef grilled just so, then topped with truffle demi glace and served over blue-cheesy polenta.