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A rich, reduced brown sauce usually seasoned with wine and used as a base for other sauces.

[French : demi-, demi- (from demi, half, from Old French; see demi-) + glace, glaze, heavily reduced sauce (from Old French, ice; see glacier).]
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demi glace reduction was sauced over some braised slices of orange that were wilted to tenderness (probably in a sous vide bath) but maintained
On the menu were salmon with arugula puree; lamb with a tart cherry demi glace, garlic confit and toasted curry leaves; and a dry-aged Savannah striploin seasoned with salt to highlight the beefiness.
The Tornado Omelette Rice with sweet & savoury demi glace, garlic flakes, tomato and chili was a mashup of a Korean tornado (or volcano egg) with a Japanese omerice.
Founded in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1998 by Ed Driscoll and Tom Sausen, Bonewerks provides the highest quality chef-inspired sauce products for center of the plate entrees, including ranges of premium glace and demi glace, as well as fully prepared, oven-seared sous vide entrees.
CAJUN SMOKED VENISON NECK INGREDIENTS 1 deer neck, bone in Dry rub: 4 tbsp blackened steak seasoning 2 tsp cayenne pepper 1 tbsp Zatarain's Pro Boil (available online) (If you use wood chips in your smoker, soak in 2 tbsp vanilla extract and red wine.) 2 Vidalia onions (rough chopped) 3 bell peppers (rough chopped) 6-8 stalks celery (rough chopped) 4 portabella mushrooms (rough chopped) 1 fresh whole garlic (6 bulbs) 1 bunch chopped green onions fresh basil chiffonade beef stock or demi glace 1 ring smoked kielbasa sausage PREPARATION (Note: When preparing to cook any meat--venison in particular--first let it reach room temperature.
For the main, we were presented 'vitello con le erbe vino rosso spagnole', a veal strip lion steak topped with a herb demi glace alongside mashed potatoes and roast vegetables.
In the 1990s the media started to tell us that cooking was the new rock n roll and that chefs were the new pin ups, the demi gods of the demi glace. Two decades later we still seem to be obsessed by cooks and their ability to create kitchen alchemy, combining ingredients to form something more delectable than the sum of their parts.
The dish was accompanied by new potatoes tossed in parsley and butter and a demi glace sauce (brown gravy).
"The chefs are asked to use Welsh or local ingredients and they can peel but not chop, and must prepare a demi glace.
The two agreed that Mendelsohn would make the main dish and dessert: a French roast with a coconut-milk-and-sweet-potato puree and a red-wine demi glace, and a chocolate mousse with olive oil for dessert.
The New York Strip Steak ($19.99) was an absolute lunker, a delicious 12 thick ounces topped with caramelized onions and sizable specks of goat cheese under a demi glace. I've tried better cuts that came out far behind than this medium-rare tender brick cooked just as ordered.
Colette chose a nice twist on bangers and mash ($12) that encases housemade lamb and tenderloin sausage in a crispy spring-roll-like Thai wrap, pairs up with excellent mashed potatoes and finishes the treat in a swoony demi glace. (Did I mention that the chef's name is Gator?