Demi monde

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See Demimonde.

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This exploration continues through the other two collections titled The Victorians and Demi Monde. All four series also reflect Bromfield's own personal quest to redefine herself as a woman and an artist.
Alternate worlds, time travel, mechanical horror, the demi monde of Victorian England and evil trickery all come together to make this novel a compelling read.
The event brought together Downtown Cellars, La Malson du Chocolat, Wall & Water restaurant, Demi Monde and the hotel's Suite Spa to commemorate the relaunch of the building, which is being marketed by Douglas Elliman Development Marketing.
The UK film with the biggest buzz was London to Brighton, a gritty demi monde thriller by debutant director, Paul Andrew Williams, about two girls fleeing from pimps, gangsters and a dead man in a hotel.