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n.1.A small cup for, or of, black coffee.
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And to sip the finished product from a dainty demi-tasse.
Going into the company's reception area is like stepping into a little part of Italy A Fracino machine on a marble topped bar dispenses drinks to visitors, who lounge on soft leather sofas and sip from demi-tasse cups Classic Italian coffee machines from the 1950s, owned by Frank Maxwell and lovingly restored by the Fracino team, are on prominent display The aroma of rich, ground coffee is everywhere A top coffee retailer is leading an all-day seminar for baristas in Fracino's training room
95 VillaWare Coffee Pots Product Price Manufacturer Demi-tasse Cups $24.
A pre-dinner demi-tasse of creamed mushroom soup and a silver basket of herb breads started us on our journey.
The Mehmet Effendi recipe is as follows: Using a demi-tasse of fresh drinking water for each cup, pour the water, two spoonfuls of coffee for each cup, and sugar according to taste into the pot and stir.
If you haven't acquired any of the real custard cups in your wanderings the creams can be made in ramekins or even those demi-tasse coffee cups you were given as a wedding present but seldom used these days.
The major portion of coffee is the espresso type, which is drunk in a small cup or demi-tasse and very rarely consumed in a full cup, except perhaps at breakfast where it is mixed with a large amount of milk.
Have ready four demi-tasse small coffee cups or four small ramekins.