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tr.v. de·mined, de·min·ing, de·mines
To remove, deactivate, or safely detonate land mines in (an area).
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Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina A1/2eljko KomA!ic today sent a letter of condolence to the families and colleagues of deminers who lost their lives while doing their job in Kupres.
CWD efforts have contributed to a wide range of demining activities in Angola, including surveys that identify the exact parameters of hazardous areas, clearance operations via trained deminers and specialized machines, and mine risk education to teach the public how to avoid and report any hazards they encounter.
CMAC director-general Heng Ratana told The Post on Thursday that the organisation will showcase the dogs' capabilities and contribution to society and their cooperation with deminers at CMAC's head office in Phnom Penh.
A UNDP statement said that the vehicles will be immediately dispatched to ensure the safety and security of the deminers in Hodeida through which most humanitarian aid and imports to Yemen enter.
"All of this will be figured out, it will all be written down, discussed with two sides and once they agree with the scope of work and the start and stop date of this project we will organise a demining team to come to Cyprus and conduct this work," the sources said, noting that the actual demining workwould require a team of deminers to come in.
A team of Cambodian deminers conducted demining activities in the past in Cyprus, "we will have to have specialized trained troops to come in and actually conduct that work.
She travels to areas where deminers with metal detectors find and dig up the deadly bombs which have claimed 64,000 casualties since 1979.
A new machine, to be acquired with using fund provided by the United Kingdom, will be deployed to prepare land for clearance by trained teams of deminers.
Deminers were ready to intervene in case any of the deliveries still posed a danger.
In 2009, the two main parties involved in demining in the village were the state deminers of the Cambodian Mine Action Committee (CMAC) and village deminers.