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A name, such as Swede or New Yorker, that denotes an inhabitant or native of a given place.

[Greek dēmos, people; see dā- in Indo-European roots + -onym.]

dem′o·nym′ic adj.
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[35] Harinder Pal, Mausam, "Demonyms and Compound Relational Nouns in Nominal Open IE," in Proc.
Davies is struck by the 'colourful demonyms which Australians use to identify the inhabitants of their country.' For those in Victoria, the residents of New South Wales are termed 'cockroaches' and South Australians are routinely dubbed as 'croweaters'.
Significant for those who wish to honor this element of his legacy, when referring to specific languages he opted for demonyms or gentilics (e.g., Anguillian, Haitian, Jamaican), envisioning these as central to a system of categorization and naming that was more accurate and elegant.