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Adj.1.Demosthenic - of or relating to Demosthenes or his oratory
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72), and (much less surprising) the Demosthenic corpus.
Consequently, the most prolific Catholic controversialist of his day, Johannes Cochlaeus, began to publish a series of Demosthenic orations against the new Philip, beginning in 1534 with the first four books, and ending with Philippica VII in 1549.
50-76, has concluded that he wrote the following speeches in the Demosthenic corpus: 46, 49, 50, 52, 53, and 59.
The Demosthenic and Ciceronian eloquences that he holds up for emulation, he says explicitly (ad fin), possessed elegance and argumentative validity.
Of the speeches in the Demosthenic corpus which were written for Apollodoros, Trevett affirms a long-standing tradition in twentieth-century scholarship: that Demosthenes wrote 45 and Apollodoros, probably, the others.
I would venture the hypothesis that the speech, like other Demosthenic speeches, was circulated by its author because he was proud of it (and presumably because it was successful).