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(Biology) any branching diagram, such as a cladogram, showing the interconnections between treelike organisms


(ˈdɛn drəˌgræm)

a diagram of evolutionary changes in which the descendant forms are depicted as treelike branchings.
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The different transition paths of the ex-Soviet countries are indeed very visible in the dendogram with the main difference being between a cluster of countries with little reform progress and a cluster of countries with greater progress.
The dendogram indicated that between two and five clusters could be meaningfully discerned from the data.
In phylogenetic dendogram our clone has been segregated along with different isolates of Cotton leaf curl Kokhran virus (CLCuKV) and Cotton leaf curl Multan virus Rajasthan strain (CLCuMV-Rajstrain; Fig1).
A dendogram is represented by a nested group of patterns and then the levels are attributed to the changes in groups.
The dendogram is a diagram that illustrates the agglomeration of the data into subgroups in a way that the similarity between them is maximal if they belong to the same subgroup, and minimal otherwise.
This method is a procedure based on the relative size of the levels of mergers (distances) in the dendogram and consists of selecting the number of groups on stage j which first satisfes the following inequality: [[alpha].
Dendogram analysis of BIP 4a, BIP 3a, and BIP 1b bacterial isolates is shown in Fig.