Dendrocalamus giganteus

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Noun1.Dendrocalamus giganteus - immense tropical southeast Asian bamboo with tough hollow culms that resemble tree trunks
bamboo - woody tropical grass having hollow woody stems; mature canes used for construction and furniture
Dendrocalamus, genus Dendrocalamus - giant clump-forming bamboos
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"The article was about a farmer who was growing bamboo in Gatanga and was using it to make a variety of items," he recalls.Before getting into the trade, Barasa consulted officials of the Kenya Forest Research Institute (Kefri) in Nairobi, and later purchased seedlings of the Giant bamboo (Dendrocalamus giganteus) and Yushania alpina varieties.
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[6] studied amino acid content of freshly harvested, fermented, and canned shoots of Dendrocalamus giganteus. There was decreased amount in amino acid in fermented (2.005 g/100 g fresh weight) and canned shoots (1.980 g/100 g fresh weight) as compared to freshly collected juvenile shoots (3.863 g/100 g fresh weight).
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Sin embargo, el thiadiazuron (TDZ) a pesar de ser una citoquininina del grupo de lasfenilureas ha sido empleada en los medios de cultivo de enraizamiento in vitro en Bambusa atra, Dendrocalamus giganteus y Dendrocalamus hookeri incrementando los porcentajes de enraizamientos en estas especies (Ramanayake et al., 2006).
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