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Noun1.Dendromecon - one species: bush poppy
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
family Papaveraceae, Papaveraceae, poppy family - herbs or shrubs having milky and often colored juices and capsular fruits
bush poppy, tree poppy - evergreen shrub of southwestern United States and Mexico often cultivated for its fragrant golden yellow flowers
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Following this long-term soil storage, three of these species - Dendromecon, Dicentra, and Trichostema - were stimulated to germinate by smoke treatment [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED], but soil-stored seeds of the fourth species, Phacelia brachyloba, still failed to germinate (not shown).
Among these, Dendromecon rigida (Papaveraceae), Dicentra ochroleuca (Papaveraceae), Lotus grandiflorus (Fabaceae), and Venegasia carpesioides (Asteraceae) formed nearly pure, even-aged stands on the north-facing slopes at the study site (Table 1).
The vivid golds and yellows on such plants as Acacia Bailyeana, Tabebuia chrysotricha and Dendromecon rigida make the forsythia seem dull and uninteresting by comparison.