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A star in the constellation Leo, approximately 43 light years from Earth.

[From shortening of Arabic ḏanab al-'asad, tail of the lion : ḏanab, tail; see ḏnb in Semitic roots + al-, the + 'asad, lion; see ʔšd in Semitic roots.]
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(Celestial Objects) the second brightest star in the constellation Leo. Visual magnitude: 2.14; spectral type: A3V
[from Arabic dhanab al-(asad) tail of the (lion)]
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Noun1.Denebola - a star in Leo approximately 43 light years from Earth
Leo - a zodiacal constellation in northern hemisphere between Cancer and Virgo
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Atlantic Fleet; USS Denebola (AF 56); Polaris Material Office, Charleston, South Carolina; Freight Terminal Subic Bay, Philippines; and Long Beach Supply Depot, California; USS San Jose (AFS 7); Navy Ships Parts Control Center Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; and U.S.
Here are 15 that have been identified: aktiebolag the Swedish term for "limited company" or "corporation" (Wikipedia) cebola a Spanish word mentioned in the etymology of chibol , a type of onion (OED--the Oxford English Dictionary) Cerebolan an anti-histaminic drug which is mainly used for the control of vomiting due to motion sickness ( Denebola the second brightest star in the constellation Leo (Collins English Dictionary 2014 edition) Freebola a pop rock song by Chilean rock band Glup!
The e-CAM58_MI5680_MOD can be evaluated with ACC-CX3RDK-5680, an add on board to e-con's Denebola ( - a USB 3.0 UVC Reference Design Kit (RDK) developed by e-con Systems using the EZ-USB[R] CX3 USB3.0 Peripheral controller from Cypress Semiconductors.
The tail-end star is beta Leonis, better known as Denebola, (it literally means "tail of the Lion"), an A3-type star similar to alpha Canis Major (Sirius) and about 40 light years away.
Niarchos family stars fill the page: Moonlight's Box boasts champions Nureyev and Coup De Genie as parents, making her a half-sister to Denebola. Coup De Genie was one of three Group 1 scorers out of Coup De Folie, along with Exit To Nowhere and Machiavellian.
The limb darkening and spherical shape of Ceres shown in the stacked colour image is clearly evident when compared to the seeing disk of the star, Denebola (Beta Leonis) recorded at the same time under similar conditions.
22 In which zodiacal constellation are the bright stars Denebola and Regulus?
Michael Kinane played a cool waiting game on the four-year-old, arriving late on the scene on the rain-softened ground to catch Denebola for victory by three-quarters of a length.
Tim Easterby's five--year-old saw off Denebola by three-quarters of a length to add to his win in the Prix Maurice de Gheest at Deauville in August.
Tim Easterby's five-year-old saw off local hope Denebola by three-quarters of a length to add to his win - when ridden by US ace Gary Stevens - in the Group 1 Prix Maurice de Gheest at Deauville in August.