v. t.1.To make a denizen; to confer the rights of citizenship upon; to naturalize.
There was a private act made for denizing the children of Richard Hills.
- Strype.
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Notable guests included Daria Brit-Greene, Patrick and Caroline Coakley, Winka Dubbeldam, Gisue Hariri, Denize Maaloe, Diego Marini, and Andrew Zuckerman.
Bob; beloved husband of Denize, much loved father of Michael and Kate, dear father-inlaw to Helen and Andrew, adored grandad to Emily, Lewis, Annie and Martha.
Angelica Maria de Melo (1), Denize Siqueira (1) Joseane Alves Martins (1), Gabriel Silveira Franco (1,2) Marina Garcia Manochio-Pina (1)
Denize Marray CARAVAN artists Mayasa Al-Sowaidi and Marwa Al-Khalifa.
Balikcilar hedef turler ile birlikte ekonomik degere sahip diger avi (bycatch) sectikten sonra geri kalan istenmeyen (iskarta) avi tekrar denize atmaktadirlar.
The UK's leading eye research charity and the show's charity partner, Fight for Sight, will provide talks from industry experts including Dr Denize Atan, Dr Michael Wormstone and Dr Pearse Keane who are part of the charity's Speaker Network.
Everyone is trying to find a safe place to protect themselves," Tiburon mayor Remiza Denize (https://www.
Everyone is trying to find a safe place to protect themselves, the situation is very difficult," mayor Remiza Denize said, describing large waves hitting the town.
Our front page reported on Denize Le Pennec, 16, from Jersey, becoming the youngest British female to swim the channel.
Si la presidenta Dilma es sometida a juicio politico habria una gran posibilidad de que Brasil siga dividido, ya que quienes apoyan el impeachment estan lejos de convertirlo en una venganza por los problemas legales que le argumentan", afirmo Denize Bacoccina, coordinadora de agencias de noticias y digitales de la Empresa Brasil de Comunicacion.
Jessica Rivers was a back-seat passenger in a car being driven by Denize Okutan when it collided with another car on the A477 in Carmarthenshire in March 2013.