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Noun1.Denmark Vesey - United States freed slave and insurrectionist in South Carolina who was involved in planning an uprising of slaves and was hanged (1767-1822)
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In "Black Slaves Who Could Have Been American Founders," Andrew Bernstein examines three major slave rebellions in early America, showing that the men who led them--Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey, and Nat Turner--did so explicitly on the same principles that the Founding Fathers revolted against Great Britain.
The scene of the 2015 tragedy unfolds in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, co-founded by Denmark Vesey, a free black tradesman in Charleston around 1816.
Denmark Vesey (1767-1822), one of the church's founders, organized a major uprising of the enslaved in Charleston.
It burned in the 1800s during a controversy surrounding Denmark Vesey, one of the church's organizers, who was the leader of a major slave rebellion in that city
One of its founders, Denmark Vesey, tried to organise a slave revolt in 1822.
Those killed included Denmark Vesey, a church founder and a supposed leader of the uprising.
Denmark Vesey - one of the founders - led a failed slave revolt in 1822, which resulted in the church being burned to the ground by whites.
This particular church, which was founded in 1816, had its own grim history: when a founder, Denmark Vesey, tried to organise a slave revolt in 1822, he was caught, and white landowners burned the church down in revenge.
Three works, by Daniel Gregory Mason, Elie Siegmeister, and Paul Bowles, figure prominently in this chapter, with the most extended treatment being given to Bowles' unfinished opera Denmark Vesey.
began the work of Denmark Vesey and the other Dane, Prince Hamlet, if he
The insurgent leader Jean Pierrot is confused with future president Louis Pierrot, the white Pierre Garnot with muldtre Jean-Baptiste Mills, Denmark Vesey with Gabriel Prosser, and (very stable) Antigua with (revolutionary) Grenada.
A few days before the Benjamins' arrival, sentences had been meted out in a slave revolt conspiracy organized by Denmark Vesey, a Haitian-born freedman who had hit the Charleston city lottery and, inspired by the revolution in his homeland, used his winnings to finance an ill-fated slave uprising.