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1. The shelter or retreat of a wild animal; a lair.
2. A cave or hollow used as a refuge or hiding place.
3. A hidden or squalid dwelling place: a den of thieves.
4. A secluded room for study or relaxation.
5. A unit of about eight to ten Cub Scouts.
intr.v. denned, den·ning, dens
To inhabit or hide in a den.

[Middle English, from Old English denn.]


(Biography) Baron Alfred Thompson. 1899–1999, English judge; Master of the Rolls 1962-82
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Conservation group Polar Bears International (PBI), which conducts an annual polar bear denning survey, was able to monitor the den with a remote camera system in what turned out to be a group effort involving the public and private partners.
amp;nbsp;Chris Denning, 75, said he abused 11 males, including men and young boys, some who were as young as under 14 years of age.
There is greater distance between natal dens of Arctic foxes and those of red foxes than between natal dens within each species, suggesting that Arctic foxes avoid red fox denning territories.
EX-Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning was yesterday named as the 13th man held by police running the Savile probe into alleged sexual offences.
Raising their young in tree cavities, females may be able to reduce the number of offspring lost to predators on the ground, but tree denning would not reduce the risk from conspecifics.
Post-natal survival of raccoons in relation to female age and denning behavior.
He and his colleagues found the trend toward coastal denning in a long-term data set that records polar bear movements.
But ANWR is one of only two principal polar bear denning areas in North America, and activists say the shrinking status of the continent's other major population of white bears--on western Hudson Bay, near Churchill, Manitoba--is a compelling reason to keep hands off Alaska.
GOING FROM WOOD CONSTRUCTION TO CONcrete was a good move for custom builder Don Denning of Denning Homes, in Salem, Ore.
To mitigate human impacts on denning bears, it is necessary to understand the chronology of denning, the behaviors of denning bears, and their sensitivity to human activities.