Dionysius Exiguus

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Dionysius Ex·ig·u·us

 (ĕg-zĭg′yo͞o-əs, ĕk-sĭg′-) ad 500?-560?
Scythian monk and scholar who introduced the method of reckoning the Christian era from the birth of Jesus.

Dionysius Exiguus

(Biography) died ?556 ad, Scythian monk and scholar, who is believed to have introduced the current method of reckoning dates on the basis of the Christian era

Diony′sius Ex•ig′u•us

(ɛgˈzɪg yu əs, ɛkˈsɪg-)
died A.D. 556?, Scythian monk, chronologist, and scholar: devised the current system of reckoning the Christian era.
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The special report also reveals that the father of the millennium was in fact an obscure monk called Dennis The Short whose miscalculations may actually have caused the millennium to have passed unnoticed in 1996 and that the precursor to the infamous Millennium Bug will begin playing havoc with our computer systems on 9/9/99.