adv.1.By denomination.
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Therefore, everything that is predicated of something is either predicated essentially, so that neither term adds some extraneous connotation to the signification of the other; or it is predicated denominatively, so that one term does add some extrinsic connotation to the signification of the other.
To this, Cranmer counters, "Substantia [substance] may be predicated denominatively in an allegory, or in a metaphor, or in a figurative locution.
Put otherwise, something is called "just" denominatively.
According to Scotus, "god" can be designated man denominatively -- by denominatio, in rhetoric defined as "the substitution of the name of an object for that of another to which it has some relation, as the name of the cause for that of the effect, [or] of the property for that of the substance, [as in] .
differentiate, sometimes denominatively (by attribution) and sometimes by proportionality (and sometimes both at once) compared to applications to contingently, existing things" (p.