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Problem Statement: To address the oral health access crisis, the State of Maine has enacted independent practice dental hygiene, public health supervision, expanded function dental auxiliary (EFDA) for registered dental hygienists and Dental Assisting National Board Certified Dental Assistants (CDAs), and most recently the dental hygiene therapist (DHT).
Encourage the Dental Auxiliary Utilization Program for dental students.
The Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) Program will expand the credentials and skills of dental assistants and dental hygienists in order to elevate their role in caring for dental patients.
The Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary certificate program starts in May.
Extremely noisy dental environment may interfere with speech and disturb the communication between the patient, dentist and dental auxiliary. Dental high speed drills, ultrasonic scaler, compressor and suction machine are the major sources of noise pollution in a dental surgery.
Dental hygiene initially developed solely as a dental auxiliary health care profession.
Jennings, who has taught and worked in areas ranging from dental hygiene to dentist, and Chernega show dental auxiliary students and those working in dentistry how to handle a medical emergency.
It is clear that being a dental auxiliary and poor posture while working (as measured by BPAI) were significantly associated with back pain.
While raising her children Jean was active and held offices in numerous clubs and organizations in the Worcester area including the Worcester Dental Auxiliary, the Worcester Women's Club, and the Women's Guild at St Francis Episcopal Church in Holden, where she also sang in the choir.