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A dental technician who specializes in making, fitting, and repairing dentures as a direct service to the public rather than through a licensed dentist.


(ˈdɛntʃərɪst; ˈdɛntjʊrɪst)
a person who makes dentures


(ˈdɛn tʃər ɪst)

a dental technician in Canada and parts of the U.S. who is licensed to make and fit artificial dentures.
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Noun1.denturist - someone who makes dental appliances (bridges and dentures)
technician - someone whose occupation involves training in a specific technical process
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It's denturism. "Most people come to me have old dentures, I mix up the dental materials, put it in the denture and they press them back into their mouths themselves.
According to Trillium College CEO, Darryl Simsovic, “In the process of choosing our winner, we realized that Cassandra would really benefit from the services of our outstanding Denturism School.
Maine Legislative Draft 1519 would endow the Board of Dental Examiners with the authority to issue faculty licenses to an applicant who teaches dentistry, dental hygiene and denturism in Maine as part of accredited or approved clinical and didactic programs for professional education of dental students, dental residents, dental hygiene students, dental hygiene residents and denturism students.