Cedrus deodara

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Noun1.Cedrus deodara - tall East Indian cedar having spreading branches with nodding tips; highly valued for its appearance as well as its timber
true cedar, cedar tree, cedar - any cedar of the genus Cedrus
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In fact, as reported by Deodhar (2005), the quality of imported apples is much better compared to the domestic ones except during the Indian harvest season.
Patients with ankylosing spondylitis need new treatment options as not all current therapies work for all people," said Atul Deodhar, MD, professor of medicine and medical director of Rheumatology Clinics at Oregon Health & Science University, and an investigator in the secukinumab clinical trial program.
Atul Deodhar, SPARTAN chair and professor of medicine and medical director of rheumatology clinics at Oregon Health and Science University, Portland.
Vastesaeger N, van der Heijde D, Inman RD, Wang Y, Deodhar A, Hsu B, et al.
And on nationallevel tournaments, like the Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Deodhar Trophy and the various age- group competitions, the TNCA spent ` 3.
In their interesting paper [6], Deodhar and Srinivasan define and study an analog of the Bruhat-Chevalley ordering on the set of all fixed-point-free involutions of [S.
Deodhar L and S Joshi Microbiological study of breast milk with special reference to its storage in milk bank.
The threat (to security) is for real, that's for sure," said Parag Deodhar, chief risk officer at Bharti AXA General Insurance, the local joint venture of France's AXA.
Our foray into film distribution and marketing helps us increase our entertainment offering to our audiences in Maharashtra," said Shrabani Deodhar, Creative Director - Star Pravah.
I have also done reasonably well with the bat in domestic tournaments like Mushtaq Ali tournament as well as Deodhar Trophy -- those few extra runs lower down the order are always useful," he said.
Rastogi and Deodhar (2009) also estimate a simplistic hedonic price model for cricket.