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a.1.Able or fitted to deplete.
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Certainly no photographer has been more successful working in both black-and-white and color and in both depletive and abstract modes (sometimes, as in the "Glass House" photographs, 2006-2009, within a single image).
After mentioning the most important conditions that must be present for the treatment of'Water illnesses' (shuibing) and especially for the treatment of oedemas and swellings using the xue, he describes the successful therapy of four patients suffering from cardiac oedema, hepatic oedema, nephrotic oedema and depletive oedemas.
Why the best manufacturers are going round in circles Some of the world's top manufacturers are swapping traditional linear production strategies for a circular, "cradle-to-cradle" philosophy that treats manufacturing as "regenerative rather than depletive," writes Andrew Sibley.
Critics however contend that the option is depletive.
Furthermore, VDC currently expects that the completion of this acquisition, while depletive of cash in the short term, will provide significant returns in the future.