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Fidel depositum, con la cual Juan Pablo II promulgo el Catecismo de la Iglesia Catolica, en el que pidio que fuera reformulada la ensenanza sobre la pena de muerte para expresar mejor el desarrollo de la doctrina que este punto ha tenido en los ultimos tiempos.
Of all virtues their hospitality was the most extensive; every door and every heart was open to the stranger and to the fugitive; to these they were particularly humane and generous, vied with one another who would use them best, and looked on the person who sought their protection as a sacred depositum, which on no consideration they were to give up.
(51) Perhaps his strongest statement against the death penalty occurred in an allocution to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the apostolic constitution Fidei Depositum, which promulgated the "Catechism of the Catholic Church." In this allocution Francis states that "the death penalty is an inhumane measure that, regardless of how it is carried out, abases human dignity.
A CDF e quem, em materia de fe e doutrina, opera no sentido de nao permitir que o depositum fidei se corrompa, ou seja, ela tem como principal objetivo impedir que a doutrina e a tradicao sejam 'contaminadas' por outros discursos.
En el caso que nos ocupa--la naturaleza y valor vinculante de la norma de Humanae vitae--es necesario advertir, como ya decia Juan XXIII, que <<una cosa es la sustancia del deposito de la fe (el depositum fidei), es decir, de las verdades que contiene nuestra venerada doctrina, y otra, la manera como se expresa.
The main figure Chapman follows, Scots bishop Alexander Forbes, rejects Catholic theology after the Vatican Council for being "too much regarded as a philosophic idea capable of development and evolution, not as a depositum once for all given in its integrity" (192).
That the Church teaches infallibly concerning contraception (and all faith and moral issues) is also confirmed by the following affirmation made in 1998 by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger: "[Wjhen there has not been a judgment on a doctrine in the solemn form of a definition, but this doctrine, belonging to the inheritance of the depositum fidei, is taught by the ordinary and universal magisterium, which necessarily includes the pope, such a doctrine is to be understood as having been set forth infallibly.
At no point does there seem to have been any argument or pronouncement in Bucknall as to whether the bailment was supported by a contract or was a gratuitous bailment in the nature of depositum. (71)