v. t.1.To divest of provincial quality or characteristics.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"[T]o deprovincialize students, broaden their perspectives, and show
1-2) postulates: "[W]e Europeans can understand ourselves only if we 'deprovincialize'--in other words, if we learn to see through the eyes of others as a matter of sociological method." Therefore, a fruitful discussion will only be possible through close cooperation between people from different cultural backgrounds.
In the same time-frame, another biographical essay, by Mario Marchetti, reconstructs the adventurous existence of Gian DAaAaAeA uli, translator, publishe and editor, who significantly though unruly contributed to deprovincialize the Italian literary market with new authors and literatures.
258) intends his book to be a "contribution to decolonize intellectual history, to deprovincialize African and Antillean writing, to deterritorialize social thought, and to globalize critical theory" (p.
The final contribution, written by Magid Shihadeh, ties together the special issue by bringing the analysis back to where it started--the Palestinian context--but with a more global analytical lens, in order to 'deprovincialize the question of Palestine and Palestine studies' (Shihadeh, this issue).
My methodological point is twofold: first, to "provincialize" Moscow, and second, to deprovincialize Soviet Ukraine.
Each day we do our utmost to update and deprovincialize (Iuliano & Baldassar, 2008) our academic production.
Merryman proposes that the study of foreign and comparative law can "deprovincialize students, broaden their perspectives, and show them that other people can do things differently and yet survive and prosper." (128) Because context and cultural sensitivity are so important to rule of law operations, PME should incorporate the study of comparative legal systems and traditions into leadership training.
This year a group of Italian film students will get to hobnob with the NCN helmers to "cut their teeth and deprovincialize themselves," says Gosetti, describing an initiative that amounts to a micro clone of Berlin's Talent Campus.
(7) Inspired by these efforts to "deprovincialize" development studies and feminism, I highlight how Afro-Colombian women in the Pacific lowlands engaged with development programs and broader black movements to draw attention to their identities and needs as poor black women.
[The scapigliati truly sought to deprovincialize Italian culture by engaging it with European progress, which was centered in and spread outward from Paris and the illustrious members of Parisian art circles].
(4) Among the Frenchmen who helped deprovincialize the USP, it was Roger Bastide who opted for studies on acculturation, interested primarily in the African culture in Brazil.