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The influence of varied rest interval length on depth jump performance.
Both experimental groups used the same program for Fosbury-Flop High Jump with difference only in intensity distribution form to determine the best experimental group using two forms of plyometric training (Single Leg Depth Jump, Depth Jump)
During plyometric depth jump exercise, intensity is defined as the amount of landing force.
During this session, each participant was instructed in the proper form and technique of depth jump exercise (familiarization session, day 1).
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to compare the potentiating effects of depth jump vs.
Subjects then performed one of three experimental conditions in random order: a control condition (no intervention), a box jump condition (10 jumps onto a box), and a depth jump condition (10 trials of stepping off a box onto the force plate with immediate maximal rebound; 15s rest between jumps).
Depth Jump starting from a platform followed by a vertical jump;
Very strong correlations were observed between relative (absolute height-standing reach height) depth jump performance and relative counter-movement vertical jump (0.
If we are to constantly introduce the depth jump without take-off and throwing the throwing the rounders' ball we'll certainly obtain a progress in the performance achieved by students, progress due on the one hand to perfecting the technique and developing the explosive power, on the other hand, a great progress in developing the upper and lower limbs.
As a result, in some small edge regions with large depth jumps, the desirable dehazing results cannot be achieved.
Depth jumps - Stand on a box or bench and drop off the end of it, landing with feet hip-width apart into a deep squat position.
The plyometric exercises were performed in the following order: depth jumps, step-ups, box jumps, and "froggies.