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 (dîr′drə, -drē)
A legendary princess of Ulster who eloped with her lover, Naoise, to escape marriage to King Conchobar. After the king murdered Naoise, she killed herself.


(European Myth & Legend) Irish myth a beautiful girl who was raised by Conchobar to be his wife but eloped with Naoise. When Conchobar treacherously killed Naoise she took her own life: often used to symbolize Ireland. See also Naoise


(ˈdɪər drə, -dri)

Irish Legend. the wife of Naoise, who killed herself after her husband was murdered by his uncle, King Conchobar.
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Either both parties would be introduced with the knowledge that they would never be able to be with each other, as was the case with Lancelot and Guinevere, or love would occur before sight, as between Derdriu and Noisiu.
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