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v. t. & i.1.To hide; to skulk.
He at length escaped them by derning himself in a foxearth.
- H. Miller.
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This book follows Intrepid Sailors: The Legacy of PrebleAEs Boys and the Tripoli Campaign, which left off where To The Walls of Derne picks up in the story of AmericaAEs first overseas conflict, the war with Tripoli and the Barbary pirates.
Formado a mitad del siglo pasado como el Trio Coronita por Maurilio Lopez Guerra Mou Derne, Bulmaro Martinez Ta' Mario Chenu y Maximo Santiago Ta' Maximo, cambio su nombre a Trio Xhavizende (zapotequizacion del espanol: lugar en San Vicente), y se dio a la tarea de continuar con la tradicion del son en zapoteco tocando tanto en cantinas, parques, bodas, serenatas o conciertos.
Eaton put together a daring plan of marching a small army through what is now the Libyan desert to the seaport of Derne (now Derna) in order to meet up with forces from the U.
92) Bingazi ve Derne gibi sehirlerde guvenlik guclerine ve hukumet binalarina ve yetkililerine saldirilar artmis, halk hareketlerinin silahli direnis hareketleri bicimine donusmesi ile Kaddafi yonetimi daha da sertlesmis, ulke fiilen Ulusal Gecis Konseyi (UGK) ve Libya Sosyalist Halk Cemahiriyesi yonetimi arasinda ikiye bolunmustur.
Indeed, the Constable orders her to be stripped naked in public for refusing his son's advances: "pe Constable let somony al be cite : and brou3te bis mayde heom bi-fore; / hire for-to schiende, he dude hire strepe : so naked so heo was i-bore, / pat ech man scholde i-seon hire derne limes : be more hire to schende" (VSA, ll.
Acklam, still seeking their first Yorkshire One win, tomorrow host host Wath Upon Derne who have already won five times in six games.
Derne Steve, (2002)): 'Globalization on ground, Media and Transformation of Culture, Class and Gender in India', SAGE Publications India Pvt.
However, they are simultaneously seen as repositories of household honour and prestige; often their every act and utterance is closely scrutinised as inappropriate behaviour by a family's womenfolk threatens the whole family's honour and, thus, their marriage prospects (Kakar, 1978; Derne, 1994; Ahmed-Ghosh, 2004).
Cup vely wild derne Some say Ryder Cup captaincy is massively over-rated.
Bowdoin Street, from Cambridge Street to Derne Street
There are few ethnographies of the audiences in India (Dickey 1993, Derne 2000), (2) while studies of official documents and analysis of censorship rules show that audiences are seen as crowds that have to be regulated, and films have to be censored for the masses in a way that "art" does not.