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Noun1.Jacques Derrida - French philosopher and critic (born in Algeria); exponent of deconstructionism (1930-2004)
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One can see how this line of argument might have some traction: many Derrideans, for example, do tend to reduce social life to the interaction of poetically manipulable signs and marks that have no fixed mooring in the Enlightenment goods that Hicks champions.
Derrideans. John Caputo invokes Peter Damian and Levinas to promote a "poetics of the kingdom of God" or "holy hell," that is, imaginatively interrupting Greek ideas of unchanging natural order by praying for a deconstructing time (not place) that forgives the unforgiving past (470-79).
Rabelais ridiculed the "Papimaniacs," who fetishize the pope and his utterances, the "Holy Decretals." Fast-forward to Derrideans and Derrida: Each spring circa Reagan's second term, his seminar at Yale was the happening for weenies.
The volume acquires more confidence with Claude Rawson's extended put-down of the Derrideans by his exploration of the Popeian hors texte and his obliteration of those who would ditch 'the canon'.
If Nietzsche was a nihilist at all, he was at least an optimistic nihilist, and it is high time that the Derrideans who try to appropriate him realized that.