n.1.Dearth; scarcity.
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Outcome of wound closure varies in studies and there is derth of local data which could compare the outcome of the tow techniques.
St Mirren have been blessed with a derth of talent in recent seasons, Stevie Mallan, John McGinn and Jason Naismith to name but a few.
t derth Heavens, under 'Arry, they may even reach a semi-final.
There is derth of useful books in the Indian context.
Indeed, the derth of high-end single-family homes in Manhattan prompted former Angelo Gordon finance executive Kate Shin to launch her own company to turn run-down buildings into mansions.
The derth of data about the influence of hyperinflation on IMT is ironic since hyperinflation and its subsequent effects on diaphragm position and function are frequently cited as being a primary contributing factor to the dyspnea experienced by individuals with COPD.
Interestingly, there is a comparative derth of serial killers from a good socioeconomic background.
Qwerty; Ax, as, aw, awa, awe, awes, awed; Zax; Was, wase, wases, waw, waws, wax, wed, were, wert; Saw, sawed, sax, saz, sawer, sew, sews, sewed, sewer, sewered, sed, sedes, serf, sere, sered, serer, seres, sese; Ewe, ewer, ewes, es, er, ere, ered, eres, erf, erg, ef, eft; Dew, dews, dewed, desert, dere, deres, dered, derth, def, defer, deft, drew, drere, dreres; Re, rew, rews, res, reses, red, reds, rede, redrew, ref, refs, refed, refer, reft; Few, fewer, fed, feds, frere, freres; Thy, tres, trew, trews; Grew, grews, grewed, grese, greses; Yu, yuk; Huh, hui; Ilk, io; Kikoi, kikuyu, kilo, kilp, ko, koi, kolo, kop; Oil, olio, op; Li, lop: Po, poi, polio, polo, polk, plop, pop
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