loop of Henle

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loop of Hen·le

A U-shaped segment of the nephron in a vertebrate kidney that functions in water resorption.

[After Friedrich Gustav Jacob Henle (1809-1885), German pathologist.]
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loop′ of Hen′le

(ˈhɛn li)
the part of a kidney tubule that loops from the cortex into the medulla of the kidney.
[1880–85; after French. German. J. Henle (1809–85), German pathologist]
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In the renal medulla, immunolight microscopy confirmed strong labelling of AQP1 in the thick descending limb and descending thin limb of Henle's loop of ND, respectively (Figs.
(5) "Subjects feel less drunk during the descending limb of the BAC-time curve than at the same concentration of alcohol on the ascending limb.
The second phase, the "descending limb", occurs as blood alcohol concentration decreases and is generally accompanied by feelings of fatigue and low mood.
Reduced water permeability and altered ultrastructure in thin descending limb of Henle in aquaporin-1 null mice.
The BAES is a self-reported rating scale designed to measure both stimulant and sedative effects of alcohol when blood alcohol content is increasing (ascending limb of the blood alcohol curve) and decreasing (descending limb).