Desert flora

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(Bot.) the assemblage of plants growing naturally in a desert, or in a dry and apparently unproductive place.

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Planted cacti, flowering vines, plentiful blooming desert flora and native date palm trees create a soothingly calming ambience, providing shaded secluded areas from the scorching desert sun.
The hotel's courtyard is meant to resemble an oasis with planted cacti, flowering vines, desert flora and date palm trees.
Our sweet camper is visiting the desert this time, surrounded by a cactus and desert flora. Terri used leftover fabrics from her pieced background for her applique.
Walk through rainforests, stroll past desert flora or marvel at Mediterranean plants.
Succulents and other desert flora are ideal for UAE gardens because they are well-suited to the local climate.
So far south it's almost in Mexico, this park flaunts an array of desert flora, including the sentinel-like saguaro and the organ pipe cactus.
The Saudi Geographical Survey will have a geological exhibition, while the Saudi Wildlife Authority will feature desert flora and fauna.
In summary, the increasing temperatures exaggerated the existing water deficiency, which affects the growth and size of plants, especially ephemeral plants, a group of desert flora that are sensitive to a lack of soil water.
In addition to subsistence farming, necessity dictated that the Mimbres forage the desert flora for sustenance as well.
At the plants' booth, the students were told about the fallout of deforestation and the need to plant saplings to add to the natural beauty of the desert flora.