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There are preachers of death: and the earth is full of those to whom desistance from life must be preached.
They have not yet become men, those terrible ones: may they preach desistance from life, and pass away themselves!
We oppose any desistance from the relatives of the private complainant since [this is] a criminal case and the state has its own interest to protect.
They address conceptual, theoretical, theological, and legal issues involved in studying faith and faith-based programs in prisons, including the psychological and sociological foundations of religious identity, how faith can promote crime desistance for violent and sex offenders after release, legislation and case law regarding religious rights in the US, a theological critique of the core philosophy and goals of the criminal justice system, and Prisoners of Christ, a faith-based correctional treatment organization.
The Angola Prison seminary: Effects of faith-based ministry on identity transformation, desistance, and rehabilitation.
Duwe has published more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals on a wide variety of correctional topics, and he is a coauthor of the recent book The Angola Prison Seminary: Effects of Faith-Based Ministry on Identity Transformation, Desistance and Rehabilitation (Routledge, 2016).
Once a certificate of desistance is signed by the victim, the judge will most likely sign the release papers.
Speaking at Narrowing the Disconnect: The Ethics Of Supporting Desistance From Crime, he added around 1,000 inmates here, a quarter of our entire prison population, receive methadone each morning.
Academics at Birmingham City University have an international reputation for research in the area of Black Studies, with recent projects focusing on the exploration of black men's desistance from crime and the influence of pop culture on young black British women.
Life course theory has been used by several scholars to try and explain the desistance of criminal activity (Elder, 1986; Rutter et al.
From the "International Series of Desistance and Rehabilitation" which has recently produced such excellent contributions to the literature on Desistance from crime as Deidre Healy's (2010) "The Dynamics of Desistance: Charting Pathways through change" and Sam King's (2012) "Desistance Transitions and the Impact of Probation" comes the eighth edition in the series from Beth Weaver who, arguably, is long overdue her own monograph.
Davao City - The mother of the 14-year-old Lumad girl who was allegedly sexually abused by three soldiers has already executed an affidavit of desistance, the 10th Infantry (Agila) Division of the Philippine Army reported.