n.1.Work done at a desk, as by a clerk or writer.
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It contains separate areas for sleeping, conversation, and deskwork.
10) That other half of the class might be engaged, for example, on individual deskwork or craftwork (on the Continent school-times are more flexible, and on some days half the class comes in later or leaves later).
In each case historic maps, field survey, remote sensing, and archaeological deskwork were all combined in a Geographical Information System (GIS).
Earthy red-orange walls and rich verdigris ceiling squares, prominent display areas for the owners' collection of Mexican and Italian figures, and carefully planned activity centers-organized around cooking, eating, deskwork, and relaxing--draw family and friends (and jurors) with the power of an electromagnet.
Over the coming months this automation process will eliminate hundreds of hours of deskwork and free up troopers for the important work of protecting the citizenry.
Back in the office, Claire prepares for the afternoon's round of calls, meetings and deskwork.
It was not all deskwork, though - those attending also got involved in team-building games including water polo, tag rugby, climbing and abseiling.
Since most of their work involves applied and action research, which demands more data-based study than rigorous deskwork, the culture of library use is eroding.
Then I do some deskwork, maybe finish up a science magazine that I hadn't gone through.
b) Additional teaching time for pupils with difficulties, whether during that part of the lesson when the main body of the class is engaged on individual deskwork exercises, or at other times as part of a teacher's time-tabled normal hours of duty.
Then there is one copy showing values for each of the examples we considered for deskwork.
To be any good at etymology you need to know a fair bit of history and understand something of the cultures of earlier places and periods, have a mind that's tuned to what human beings are likely to do with language and how words evolve, have a good knowledge of the linguistic roots of English, and--most importantly--be prepared to put in a lot of boring deskwork researching origins.