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Noun1.Desmidiaceae - unicellular algae
protoctist family - any of the families of Protoctista
Charophyceae, class Charophyceae - in some classifications: contains only the order Charales
Desmidium, genus Desmidium - a genus of protoctist
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8) in surface from January to March coincide well with the observed by Rivera (1997), which it was associated to increased stratification and subsequent decrease of dissolved inorganic phosphorus, and low phytoplankton production mainly represented by populations of Chlrophyceae and Desmidiaceae, that are typical of oligotrophic environments.
The results obtained for phytoplankton composition in the water show the importance of Chlorophyta, representing the largest contribution relatively to the number of taxa (54%), the families Hydrodictyaceae and Desmidiaceae stand out with 3 and 4 taxa, respectively.
The other four groups, Myxophyceae, Desmidiaceae, Protozoa and rotifers were also consumed but in less quantity.
Family Desmidiaceae being represented by good number of representatives recorded a peak in April and minima in July.
La riqueza de especies en el microecosistema con respecto a la de aguas abiertas, presento diferencias significativas para Desmidiaceae ([ji al cuadrado] = 15.
Zygnematales: Zygnemataceae, Mesotaeniaceae and Desmidiaceae (section 1).