v. t. & i.1.See Dispread.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Wi despread subcutaneous necrosis in spotted fever group rickettsioses from the coastal belt of Sri Lanka: a case report.
In the conventional DSSS scheme, this locally generated code must be synchronized (in phase and frequency) to the received code to despread the received signal successfully.
The BPSK symbols [[??].sub.k] (i) can then be despread, deinterleaved and demodulated to recover the information bits [[??].sub.k] (n).
Then the channel compensated FS domain pilot is despread again to modify the channel state information (CSI) estimation.
Holds to trace the module to be used for the exam to jump the digital intermediate frequency GPS signal, from carrying was left the C/A code by the despread. The C/A code is the GOLD code sequence, its characteristics have high autocorrelation characteristics, therefore the software receiver often uses this basic correlation property to realize the capture, the digital intermediate frequency GPS signal and local signal that will sample make the correlation.
Conventional DSSS-PSK RAKE receiver takes advantage of pseudorandom spreading sequences to despread multipath signals and recombines the decision metrics symbol-by-symbol.
In order to recover original signals, equation (11) is first despread for partly eliminating MAI, followed by Turbo MUD.
The despread criticism of AA and Government ng aviation minister re Government suprts - a move backed th-east, Nick Brown, MP Frank Cook, al- Cook said progress ow.
The simplest way to despread a CDMA signal is to apply the RAKE principle and correlate the received signal with the known spreading sequence.
In a GPS system, when the received signal is multiplied by a synchronized version of the PRN code, the signal is despread. Its power increases over the noise floor.
Wi despread and long-lasting changes to the structure of corporate governance cannot be implemented overnight, and thus it is to be expected that the recent adjustment to valuations prompted by the reassessment of potential future earnings will persist for some time.