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DESS provides FDA-approved intraoral scan bodies and implant components for over 14 implant systems and 45+ platforms including Nobel Replace, Nobel Active, Straumann Bone Level, Straumann Tissue Level, 3i Certain, Zimmer, BioHorizons, MIS, Astra Osseospeed, Astra EV, Anyklos, Branemark, 3i Osseotite External, Xive and Multiunits.
Under a separate transaction, DESS has also sold a 5% interest to existing PEDL068 partner Montrose Industries Ltd.
Her classmates from Year 5 at DESS, Alia and Jafar, also spoke about their experiences.
There are no circulating pumps or control valves between the connected building supply and the return to the DESS.
Foi utilizado como guia um protocolo de coleta de dados baseado nos elementos da agressividade competitiva identificados na literatura (MACMILLAN; DAY, 1987; VENKATRAMAN, 1989; COVIN; COVIN, 1991; CHEN; HAMBRICK, 1995; LUMPKIN; DESS, 1996 e 2001; DESS; LUMPKIN, 2005; STAMBAUGH; YU; DUBINSKY, 2011), categorizados em Reacao a concorrencia, Competicao financeira, Competicao em negocios e Marketing.
Less than 20 companies will participate initially in the DESS Consortium, an official said, who did not reveal their names.
That is more than enough bandwidth to deliver DESS, traditional cable television (CATV), Internet access, local off-air UHF/VHF television (Satellite Master Antenna Television or SMATV) and security services.
Zulfiqur Rahman did his MBBS from Rajshahi Medical College, and obtained DESS (Masters in Diplomacy and Administration of International Organization) from the University of Paris.
Dubai: Bernadette McCarthy, the former headmistress of Dubai English Speaking School, DESS, died on March 16 in Ireland where she had retired.
This is for the "tattooed dad" who, while dropping off his kids at DESS on Wednesday morning, not only drove recklessly in an area full of young children and parents crossing the road to get to school, but then proceeded to park his SUV on the PAVEMENT near the school gate.