a.1.Deficient; wanting; as, a destituent condition.
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42) Agamben's vision of such a destituent power, which can never find its embodiment within state sovereignty, echoes Hannah Arendt's writing on spontaneous revolutionary councils as radical instances of the political beyond an institutionalized and co-opted civil society.
I think that we have to abandon this paradigm [NB: which would include contemporary models that aim at the integration of "civil society" in post-2011 Arab polities] and try to think of something as a puissance destituante, a 'purely destituent power', that cannot be captured in the spiral of security.
Basescu comme chef de l'Etat jusqu'en 2014, le terme de son deuxieme mandat, ou s'ils le destituent, ouvrant la voie a une election presidentielle anticipee.