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The demolition experts destroy the recovered ordnance using a combination of detonation cord and what's known as a "jet perforator," a small shaped charge used to detonate the device's main charge, said Rudy Martinez, an EOD technician who is part of the demolition team.
* A 60 mm or 81 mm white phosphorous mortar round, wrapped three times with detonation cord and a 1/4 or 1/2 stick of C-4.
The TAC found one ton of C4, 80,000 meters of detonation cord, and numerous electronic fuses.
The plan was to lay 1,000 feet of detonation cord around an acre of the lake, then light the fuse.
Each shoe had been hollowed out and had holes drilled into it from which detonation cord protruded.
A detonation cord or wire projected from one of the shoe tongues.
Officers also seized two pieces of TNT explosive weighing one pound, two detonators, and pieces of detonation cord.
The color of the detonation cord used by the two armies is the first major difference, along with the use of electric demolition sets and metric units of measurement by Canadian Army engineers.
The second leader was a bomb-making expert and helped planned suicide attacks, the statement said, adding an additional suspected insurgent was detained with a suicide vest, explosives, blasting caps and detonation cord.
The day's find included 30 blasting caps, about 250,000 rounds of small-arms ammunition, 25 grenade fuses, 37 high-explosive anti-tank weapons, 100 unfused grenades, one Iranian PG-7 grenade rocket, six Chinese 75ram APERS rocket fuses, 13 French 68mm SPAMV rockets, 72 rocket motors, 10 Iraqi 40ram rockets, 221 mortars, 300 various fuses, 40 pounds of propellant, 50 pounds of detonation cord, 13 PG-7 launchers, 17 AK-47 assault rifles, one Russian machine gun, two sniper rifles, one PKC machine gun, 40 million Iraqi Dinar, more than 400 fake identification cards, and various Motorola radios, including one Iraqi police radio believed to have belonged to an IP who had been kidnapped and murdered.