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n.1.See Deuce, Deuced.
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This anomaly may not be diagnosed until later in life, in some cases situs inversus is commonly associated with serious primary ciliary dyskinesis and splenic malformations (Deuse & Reitz, 2009).
Concepts such as hybrid identities are discussed while theoretical discourses that contrast youth popular culture with school culture are critically analyzed (Deuse, 2006; Freistat & Sadlin, 2010; Kenway & Bullen, 2007; Williams, 2008).
Citation: Tobias Deuse et al.; "SCNT-Derived ESCs with Mismatched Mitochondria Trigger an Immune Response in Allogeneic Hosts"; Cell Stem Cell, November 2014 DOT: 10.1016/j.stem.2014.11.003
Porem, esse entrecruzamento da Historia e da Literatura deuse de modo diverso do primeiro.
No presente relato, o diagnostico de hidranencefalia deuse apos avaliacao do cranio do feto, no qual evidenciou-se ausencia de massa encefalica e presenca de uma fina membrana, conforme ja relatado por Barlow (3).
Skoda have ditched their "pumpe deuse" technology in favour of common rail diesel engines that pack a punch and are frugal at the same time.
For the personnel/organizational method, use of the PDCA cycle should be regarded as a method of the continuous improvement process subsystem as this subsystem is first and foremost supported by the employees themselves, and therefore has the most significance within the area of personnel (Deuse et al., 2006).
The author shows the weakness of Deuse's critique but then argues that neither Waszink nor Van Winden has given sufficient consideration to the possibility that Plotinus, either alone or through Porphyry as intermediary, is behind Calcidius' interpretation, where the doctrines of the unity of the soul and of a higher soul that does not descend, both characteristic of Plotinus' psychology, are prominent.
As mudancas socioculturais e educacionais provocadas pela internet, televisao, smartphones e inteligencia artificial sao tao relevantes que o autor compara estes "deuses e deusas da tecnologia" aos deuses gregos e, em seguida, ressalta que segredo dos "novos paradigmas para a educacao e para o trabalho" esta no equilibrio entre a memorizacao dos fundamentos basicos e pratica destes conceitos.