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Any of a numerous animals of the group Deuterostomia, in which the anus develops from the first opening in the embryo and the mouth develops later, and including the echinoderms, hemichordates, and chordates.

[From New Latin Deuterostomia, taxon name : deutero- + New Latin stoma; see stoma.]
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any member of the major group of animals defined by the fact that during early embryonic development the first opening to form becomes the anus of the animal. The opposite is protostome
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(ˈdu tər əˌstoʊm, ˈdyu-)

1. a mouth that develops separately from the blastopore.
2. an animal with this form of development, as an echinoderm or chordate.
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This is because, like the chordates--the taxon that humans belong to--the sea urchin is a deuterosome. And as its genome sequence verifies, this makes the sea urchin and other echinoderms more closely related to humans and other chordates than to other invertebrates such as insects, mollusks, and crustaceans (Pennisi, 2006).