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(ˈdɔɪtʃˌmɑːk) or

Deutsche Mark

(Currencies) the former standard monetary unit of Germany, divided into 100 pfennigs; replaced by the euro in 2002: until 1990 the standard monetary unit of West Germany. Abbreviation: DM
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Noun1.Deutschmark - formerly the basic unit of money in GermanyDeutschmark - formerly the basic unit of money in Germany
German monetary unit - monetary unit in Germany
pfennig - 100 pfennigs formerly equaled 1 Deutsche Mark in Germany


[ˈdɔɪtʃmɑːk] Nmarco m alemán


, Deutsche Mark
n (Hist) → D-Mark f, → Deutsche Mark f
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Deutschmarks were produced by the Bundesdruckerei--the national printing works--based in Berlin and Giesecke & Devrient in Munich.
They heavily invested millions of Deutschmarks into grassroots football to bring on the youth of their country.
A limited edition five-euro coin issued by Germany's Bundesbank has tapped into a deep sense of nostalgia among Germans for Deutschmarks, to which the newly minted money bears a close resemblance.
You can trade them in for legal tender, but Germans still hold Deutschmarks.
Chancellor Angela Merkel claims Germany settled its reparations in a 1960 agreement when Berlin paid to Greece 115million deutschmarks.
And Germany is already producing Deutschmarks in case crisis turns to chaos, according to one analyst.
55PM Lola's (Franka Potente) boyfriend is a courier for a gangster and, when things go wrong, Lola has 20 minutes to get 100,000 Deutschmarks across the city or he's dead.
Life was to change forever for Stefan in 1941 with the Nazi invasion of his Ukrainian homeland - which had earlier been annexed by the Soviets - leading to him being taken from his family and sold as a slave in Austria for the equivalent of 10 Deutschmarks.
borrower's related-party debt from Deutschmarks (DM) into U.
Millions of deutschmarks (sorry euros) have been spent on refurbishing rickety old venues, some of them built inside crumbling old edifices.
I started applying for these jobs that promise massive earning potential and I envisaged earning thousands of Deutschmarks for the apparently simple task of selling.
THANKS to all the people in companies, post offices, churches, clubs and pubs on Merseyside who donated all of their holiday francs, pesetas and deutschmarks in aid of the Universal Beneficient Society (UBS), Survival Income for the Elderly at Home.