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1. development.
2. deviation.
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Yet, let me tell you, sir, it is not every dev - I mean it is not every gentleman who knows how to choose a philosopher.
After all," continued the visiter, "after all, if a dev - if a gentleman wishes to live, he must have more talents than one or two; and with us a fat face is an evidence of diplomacy.
And the Georgian house where Dev attended meetings in drag is rumoured to be the building from which the Tan War was secretly directed.
The scorch time decreased in all systems, with the GRP system having the lowest and the Dev.
While Sunita - despite seeing other men and almost marrying Irish charmer Ciaran McCarthy - hasn't ever stopped carrying her torch for the shop-owner, it seemed until recently Dev had completely fallen under mad Maya's spell and was preparing to marry her.
Much to Maya's horror, last month Sunita and Dev grew close again, bonded by worry over Sunita's serious health scares - an aneurysm and pituitary tumour.
At one point, Dev forcefully flings a deck of cards ,in Paro's face in a mock slap.
The Finnish electronics manufacturing company Wecan Electronics Oyj's subsidiary in China has signed a co-operation agreement with COM DEV Wireless Group, part of the Canadian wireless telecommunications manufacturer COM DEV International Ltd.
In 1984, Rockwell sued DEV and its officers, alleging they bought drawings and trade secrets from employees.
Dev also said that BJP talks a lot about the 1984 Riots, but stays quiet about the 2002 Gujarat riots.
These positions will be located at Dev Technologys Washington, D.