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Any of the collections of sacred hymns constituting the metrical portions of the Vedas.

[Sanskrit saṃhitā, collection, from feminine past participle of samdadhāti, he puts together, collects : sam, together; see sem- in Indo-European roots + dadhāti, he puts; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈveɪ də, ˈvi-)

n., pl. -das.
1. Sometimes, Vedas. the sacred scriptures of Hinduism, esp. as comprising the hymns and formulas in the Rig-Veda, the Sama-Veda, the Atharva-Veda, and the Yajur-Veda.
2. Also called Samhita. any of these individual writings.
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Ve•da•ic (vɪˈdeɪ ɪk) adj.
Ve′da•ism, n.
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Noun1.Samhita - one of four collections of sacred texts
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