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Noun1.Devanagari script - a syllabic script used in writing Sanskrit and Hindi
script - a particular orthography or writing system
syllabary, syllabic script - a writing system whose characters represent syllables
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According to their analysis, Hinglish is easier to learn than Hindi because it is taught using Roman letters rather than the traditional Devanagari script.
And let's note: while one does find later transcriptions of the Padmavat in the Devanagari script, it was originally written in the Persian Nastaliq.
We have obtained some pages from Pakistan written by her in a local dialect and in Devanagari script," the minister tweeted.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 20 (ANI): As Indian national Geeta still waits for her parent two years after being rescued from Pakistan, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday appealed all to help her by recognising the dialect of a letter written by the former in a local dialect and in Devanagari script.
Tenders are invited for Dot Matrix Printer-Similar To Configuration Epson Lq-1150 Ii, Pin:24,Column:136,Cps At 10 Cpi 300, Port:One Parallel Or Usb, English And Devanagari Script In Built.
Syed Mohammed Anwer, the book contains over 60 visual impressions of words with cultural connotations created out of the Hindi Devanagari script and the Urdu Nastaliq script.
In the colourfully spaceless space within which this figure hovers, the words tikkun ha-olam are written--on one side in Hebrew, on the other side transliterated into Devanagari script.
Konkani should be taught in schools through the Devanagari script.
The Muslims started using a Persian script called Nastaliq, while the Hindus kept on using the Devanagari script.
An Indian historian, Ramesh Chandra Majumdar, reproduced all published texts in Devanagari script and translated into English those texts which had been published with translation into French (Ancient Indian colonies in the Far East: Vol.
Joshi translated some great works of Urdu into the Devanagari script and reports that the results have been positive.
In the same image, Benjamin uses Devanagari script to spell out the Hindi word for "What?