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Noun1.Devanagari script - a syllabic script used in writing Sanskrit and Hindi
script - a particular orthography or writing system
syllabary, syllabic script - a writing system whose characters represent syllables
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It has a commando dagger pointed downwards, with upward-extending wings extending from the blade and a scroll superimposed on the blade with 'Balidaan' inscribed in Devanagari script. Only Paramilitary Commandos are allowed to wear the Balidaan badge.
All but three are in Devanagari script: two in Malayalam and one in Grantha.
I come from a Hindu background and I know Devanagari script. Like many other boys of my age, I was very fond of movies and songs.
The back of the new currency has the year of printing, Swachh Bharat logo and slogan, language panel, Motif of RANI KI VAV, and denominational numeral 100 in Devanagari script. ( ANI )
The old system placed an explicit focus on the learning of languages especially Persian and Sanskrit (which is written in Devanagari script), while McCauleys system shifted the emphasis to an English centred education system which hurled the local population into an array of inferiority complexes (This is also where the present colonial mindedness emanated from).
And let's note: while one does find later transcriptions of the Padmavat in the Devanagari script, it was originally written in the Persian Nastaliq.
We have obtained some pages from Pakistan written by her in a local dialect and in Devanagari script," the minister tweeted.This is the second time ina couple of months that Swaraj has taken to social media to seek help for Geeta.
First, in Bihar Urdu was officially supplanted by Hindi as the written medium of recording in law courts; then in 1872-73 it was replaced by Hindi in the subordinate offices in the Central Provinces and in the Darjeeling district of Bengal; next in 1881 the exclusive use of Hindi in Devanagari script replacing Urdu with its Persian script altogether was introduced in Bihar.
It may be noted that the state Emblem of India is incomplete without the motto inscribed ( in Devanagari script) below the profile of the Lion Capital is an incomplete display of the State Emblem of India." come out a fresh guidelines maintain sanctity national and anthem.
Chapter II deals with Shringara themes in which the Rasikapriya paintings of Mewar, Bundi and Bikaner are described with the corresponding text in Devanagari script. The chapter also includes paintings from Bihari's Satsai, Mewar; the Month of Jyeshtha, Bundi school; and Nayikas and Bathers from Rajasthani schools.